Card Security

Using Your New Chip Card

The Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card comes with Chip technology which adds an extra layer of security to your Card transactions when used at a Chip terminal; simply put, it is more difficult to copy or access your Card information which can lead to theft and fraud.

When using your Cave Shepherd Visa Card at a chip enabled terminal simply follow the steps below:

  1. Hand your Card over at the Point Of Sale (POS), your Card will then be inserted into the slot in the terminal. Your Card will not be removed from the terminal until the end of the transaction.
  2. A slip will be generated after authorization of the transaction and you will be required to sign and hand this back over at the POS.
  3. Your Card will only be removed from the terminal when prompted that the transaction is now complete.
  4. Your Card will then be handed back over.

If the Merchant terminal does not accept Chip Cards, your Cave Shepherd Visa Credit Card can still be swiped to allow the payment transaction.

Small Chip - Big Protection

Card Security Tips

  • Sign the back of your NEW Card immediately!
  • Commit your PIN to memory and discard all letters containing this valuable information. Be aware of others around you when using the ABM.
  • When shopping online, only use reputable merchants and provide your card details on secure websites (e.g. look out for URLs that start with “https” instead of “http” only).
  • Always check your Statements to validate your purchases. Remember to report any unauthorized purchases immediately to the Cave Services department.